"Super Combat Squadron (SCS) takes place in a fantastical, borderline cartoonish, outrageous fictional not-planet-earth that is never explicitly named. The setting does not have ‘magic’ but supernatural elements exist in the forms of military officials so legendary at their jobs they can do the seemingly impossible. Multiple nations exist at war for whatever reason; most likely over resources, land, technology, perceived slights, or good old fashioned total domination.
The various Commanding Officers (COs) will have fictional backstories detailing from where they hail and how they factor into engagements or their stake in the war. Units and technology are inspired by real life but are full of anachronisms."

-Super Combat Squadron Design Bible

The Cast of Lax Viking Games

Bunp - Lead Artist, Game Designer, Public Relations
I'm responsible for all the game's core design elements and drawing all the art assets for Units, UI, effects. etc. My other responsibilities umbrella out cover many side roles such as designing this website, running social media outlets (Twitter, Subreddit) and any other roll that needs filling.
Sanojian - Programmer

Steve - Programmer, Project Manager

Florin - Programmer